Use Microsoft Word to Create Blog Posts

In case you’re new to publishing content to a blog and battling with the manager that goes with your writing for a blog stage, you don’t need to utilize it. All things being equal, use Microsoft Word, which numerous individuals know about, to create your blog entries.

Use Microsoft Word to Draft the Post:

The least complex approach to make a blog entry in Word is to make it, at that point reorder your draft from Word into your blog stage’s altering interface.

Since Word makes some designing that can be hard to change over to HTML, there might be issues with the manner in which the content shows up. On the off chance that that is the situation, make an additional stride and glue the content you made in Word into a delegate content manager like Google Docs or Notepad, at that point reorder into your blog stage’s supervisor.

Another choice is to utilize a HTML cleaning instrument like HTML Cleaner, which strips out the additional designing from Word.

Make Blog Posts Directly From Microsoft Word:

A more straightforward approach to utilize Word to distribute your blog entries is to connect Word to your blog account. Here’s the way to do it.

On the off chance that enlistment is fruitless, you may have to rehash the means. Or then again you may have to connect Word with your blog account from your blog record’s settings. This alternative is commonly found in the Admin or Dashboard space of the blog settings. It very well may be named Remote Publishing or something comparable.

Step by step instructions to Write, Publish, Draft, or Edit Blog Posts:

When you connected Word to your publishing content to a blog stage, draft your blog entry. To do as such, compose your content inside the Blog post layout.

To save the post as a draft, select the Publish drop-down bolt, at that point select Publish as Draft. In more seasoned forms of Word, select Blog Post > Publish as Draft. To alter a blog entry in Word, select File > Open, at that point pick a current post. For certain adaptations of Word, pick Blog Post > Open Existing, at that point select the blog entry.